Mrs. Mortgage Guide to Useful Websites

Federal Grants and Assistance
Federal First Home Owners Grant
NSW Government
Vic Government
Western Australia
South Australia
Northern Territory
Defence Home Owner
Government Sites
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Fido at ASIC - tips and finance checks
Australian Taxation Office
The Uniform Consumer Credit Code.

Interest Rates
Financial Services Resource Group
Compare Financial Products
Reserve Bank of Australia                            
Industry Associations
Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia
Real Estate Institute of Australia
Credit Ombudsman Service Ltd
Credit Information
Baycorp Advantage
Credit repair
Fox Syme
D.R. Capital Pty Ltd
Recommended Insurance Firms
Australian Life Insurance
CGU Insurance
Mortgage Insurance
PMI Mortgage Insurance
The Future Growth of Victoria
Growth Areas Authority - Partners in creating new communities
Department of Sustainability and Environment
Other Useful Resources
Debt Handbook
Understanding Money Booklet
Infochoice - independant financial
information report
MFAA Introduction to Borrowing
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