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Mrs. Mortgage in The Age Newspaper

Janine Perrett (Age Editor) wrote the article (which was also published the following day the Sydney Morning Herald) a couple of years back. If you missed seeing it send me an e-mail and I’ll send a copy that you can print out.

By the way, I was very surprised at the number of calls I received from people I know (who did read the article) and then jumped on the phone to tell me. You know the saying: ‘Any publicity is good publicity’.

The article was more about how tough it is to set up a new business than it was about Mrs Mortgage and what I can offer my clients. As I said in the interview, the biggest challenge is explaining to people exactly what it is that I do.

That’s the main reason for this web site. So that I can explain what I do... and why I’m different from other mortgage brokers or other businesses offering similar products and services. Spend a few minutes reading these pages (particularly if you need some advice in this area).

The Famous Mrs. Mortgage Articles

For some years now Mrs. Mortgage has been publishing articles to keep people generally informed about how mortgages work, and their usual hazards. The articles have been published in local newspapers, and are also sent out in an e-newsletter periodically.

If you would like to receive these e-newsletters send me an email and I will add you to the mailing list.

Much of this web site has been made up from the information I consider most people will need to know in shopping around for a mortgage in researching content for my articles.

I will add new editions to this page from time to time, so please come back and visit.

If there is anything that you think would make an interesting article, why not send me an email and I will see what I can do.

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Mrs. Mortgage Blog:

The new Mrs. Mortgage Blog contains all of the best Mrs. Mortgage articles, as well as up to date news about the industry in Australia.

You can ask your own questions or add your own comments to the blog as well.

Visit the Mrs Mortgage Mortgage Blog.

Mrs. Mortgage featured in "Career FAQs: Work From Home" by Claire Buckis

This book was published in November 2007, and discusses the attractions and drawbacks of home based offices by looking at the real examples. Mrs Mortgage was interviewed for this publication. You can read the chapter on Mrs. Mortgage as a pdf here. We encourage you to buy this excellent book, available from and bookstores.

Photo courtesy of The Age 2005. Jennifer Schelbert (Mrs. Mortgage)
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