You know the old saying: if something is worth doing, then if it's worth doing well. Well, these words of wisdom particularly apply when you're making an application for a home loan.

It doesn't matter which bank you're your talking to, they all have very specific things that they want with the application. And if you don't supply exactly what they ask for, then everything is going take a little longer than it has to.

On the other hand, if you do gather everything together, put it all in order and supply the right covering letter then you have a much better chance of getting your loan a lot quicker and a lot smoother. It's common sense and good business practice.

So I'm a stickler for doing it right the first time. I know what each of the banks require. And of course, each bank has it's own requirements.

I have a checklist that I tick off and only when I have absolutely everything do I submit the application.

This means that one of the first things you and I have to do is gather together all the bits of paper; the bank statements, group certificates and so on.

I take great pride in my work. I'm very exact and very well organised. It's very rare that a bank has to call me and ask for anything else.

This approach takes a little longer in the beginning but it works, every time.