As I've said earlier, there are some great home loans available in the marketplace. As well as the traditional Principle and Interest Loans or Interest Only loans there are all kinds of other loans available... Lo Doc Loans, Home Equity Loans, Introductory or 'Honeymoon' Loans and the list goes on and on. (Plus there are building societies and Credit Unions all offering packages as well).

The range of mortgage options can be bewildering, especially for a first time home buyer or anyone who hasn't bought for some years.

Do you want (or need) a mortgage with fancy features or do you need a basic home loan at the cheapest price? Do you need the security of a fixed interest rate or are you happy to gamble on the future direction of interest rates?

This is why having a mortgage broker working for you can be a very good idea. A good mortgage broker keeps up to date and informed about everything that's happening in the marketplace. This means of course that you are up to date and informed.

By staying informed about what is going on in the home loan market, you might be able to stay a step or two ahead of the marketplace. And if you can stay one step ahead, you are already on your way to paying off your mortgage faster.

One of the most powerful tools you can have in the search for the best home loan is information, which is why I have packed this website with so many articles. When you come to see me I will be able to compare several lenders and different products using special software designed to process all of the information and show several different options for you, including all of the relevant fees, charges and taxes so that there are no surprises.

Make sure you know what rates and features are offered by each of the loans that you are looking at. Remember, the lowest interest rate may not be the best loan for your needs.

Be ready to tell your Mrs. Mortgage broker exactly what you are looking for and don't be afraid to ask for extras. We want your business and we will be prepared to work that little bit harder to ensure you are serviced correctly.

Stay informed, read the papers and magazines, talk to your accountant and then make sure you talk to me.