Not everyone wants to buy a new house. Lots of people today are looking to buy a well-positioned investment property that they can rent out or sell when the price is right.

Others may be trying to expand a business or start a new business.

If you already own a property then the banks will be very eager to talk to you. You just need to know which bank is the best one to talk to. This is where I can help. Just owning a property isn't enough to make sure you're treated as well as you should be.

I recently had a client who owned three houses in a large country town and wanted to buy another. He'd banked with the same bank for over twenty years. The bank was more happy to lend him the money he needed. The terms were okay. They weren't great. But they wanted my client to mortgage two of his properties.

A few phone calls later and he got his money. He got it at a better rate of interest. And they only required one of the properties as collateral. And he didn't have to change banks.

It was simply knowing who to talk to and knowing what the competition was willing to offer.